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Why Choose New Age Laser Tag?

If you want to have the best possible time, you need the best possible equipment. New Age Laser Tag has the equipment you need! We use state of the art technology that makes our Mobile Laser Tag unlike any laser tag you've experienced before. No more sweaty vests, headbands, and lasers that barely work, no more cables attaching your blaster to your vest, and no more being stuck inside to play laser tag!

It's truly unlike any other laser tag you'll ever experience, and we come to you! Additionally, when you choose New Age Laser Tag for your next party, you're choosing a trusted, reputable leader in the space. We've brought thousands of Inland Empire Families the parties of their dreams with our Game Trucks, and now we;re bringing the best Laser Tag you can find in the Inland Empire!

Our Battle Rifles

Realistic Features

The Battle Rifle Pro has 14 different modes, including crowd favorites like Burst, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper and more! Each Laser Tag battle rifle also has sound effects and LED lighting. These are the most realistic laser tag rifles on the planet, even with all of these great features the Battle Rifle is still light weight and easy to use for everyone!

Weapon Types

Special weapon types like our charge rifle and laser rifle and our new infected gun type are unique and allow more game play activities that are sure to keep everyone entertained for hours!

Easy To Use

Realistic, but compact. We want everyone at your party to be able to enjoy! Our Battle Rifles are exteremely advanced, but your event manager will give everyone an orientation on how to use the Battle Rifle.

In-Game Changes

Our Laser Tag blasters are so advanced, they allow users to change weapon type mid game! Say you've got the perfect spot behind a bunker to snipe your friends with the sniper rifle feature, you can change to shotgun if you'd like to approach your opponent and have a close quarters battle.

Long Range!

Day or Night, our Battle Rifles have extreme range and accuracy, you'll be able to snipe friends from 600ft+!

Melee Attacks

That’s right! You read it…..melee attacks! The first time ever players will have a new way to attack their opponents. Stop the laser tag dance with our all new melee attack ability!

Laser Tag Rifles

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Mobile Laser Tag Utility Box

The Utility Box

The utility box is the most versatile laser tag accessory in existance, and you can Xperience it when you book your next mobile laser tag party with New Age Laser Tag. This revolutionary box allows users to change game play mid battle, it allows players to respawn, heal, and so much more! You can use the button, shoot it, or use it just by being near it. This is one of the many things that makes our mobile laser tag unlike any laser tag that you've ever experienced before.

Utility Box Kill Streaks

Another great feature of the revolutionary Utility box, Kill Streaks. Get rewarded during battle when you're doing well! These rewards can add different features to the game, or just be a great way to brag that you were the best tagger on the laser tag field.

Mobile Laser Tag Kill Streaks

Utility Box Game Modes

Just like the battle rifles ability to change weapon type, the utility box gives users the power to change the game type! Depending on the package that you select when you book with New Age Gaming you can unlock these great games and Xperience an entirely different game many times during your party.

Mobile Laser Tag Game Modes

Which Mobile Laser Tag Package is Right For You?

We've got great packages to choose from, whether you're looking for a Laser Tag Birthday Party, Charity Event, or just a fun get together. We also have the option to add a Game Truck to your party, and many other add on options available. Choose from our Laser Tag packages listed below, or click the button below to view all of our packages.

Exclusive Laser Tag Package
2 Hour Mobile Laser Tag Party!
Up to 16 Players at one time
Team, Capture The Flag, VIP, Infection, and More Game Types
10 Inflatable bunkers and obstacles
Special effects package included (Fog machine, Bluetooth Speaker)
Laser lights for night time parties
1 Free LED face mask, $10 per additional mask
Each additional hour $125
Add 30 minutes for $75 or 1 Hour for $125
Elite Tagger Experience #1
Two Hour Battle!
Setup and Takedown included
12 Battle Rifles
8 Inflatable obstacles and bunkers
Includes our special effects package
A variety of laser tag game types to choose from
Add 30 minutes for $75 or 1 Hour for $125
Elite Tagger Experience #2
1.5 Hour Battle!
A variety of laser tag game types to choose from
Ages 6+ Only
Setup and Takedown included
8 Battle Rifles
8 Inflatable obstacles and bunkers
Includes DJ style laser lights at night
Add 30 minutes for $75 or 1 Hour for $125